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Meet Lato Meet Przestrzenie

Forum project was created eight years ago when we opened a small club-café right on the banks of the Vistula River. Our goal was to create a unique place on the map of Krakow which would distinguish itself by its open space, friendly atmosphere, universality and would become a meeting point for our local community. During these eight years, we have managed to create a place that brings together people from different backgrounds, of different ages, who think like us and simply feel good here.

We focus on the development of our restaurant part, we organize many events, we engage in projects that allow us to expand our business on many levels. All this in order to positively surprise our guests, who already feel at home here.

Building a community around Forum has become something natural for us. Forum is a meeting place for people who like other people just as much as we do.



Summer is a state of mind. With every decision we make, we try to show that Forum is not only about events and gastronomy, but above all about people who, together with our team, create a unique and family atmosphere.

We want summer to last all year round, that is why we provide space for work, play and meetings so that the season on our Forum Island never ends, and summer energy accompanies us even during colder months.



As a Forum Team, we have organized a wide range of events - from small, intimate ones to huge events with guests from all around the world. We have hosted Unsound Festival, culinary festivals, Poland's first food truck festivals, Abstract Forum exhibition, Stanley Kubrick pavilion, Forum surf camp and many more.

Thanks to our team's experience and cooperation with Krakow city municipality and the Krakow Festival Office, we can invite you to many unforgettable events that will enliven the whole city.

Forum Przestrzenie (Forum Spaces) was created for people like us - the ones who look for an alternative way to spend time in the city, who love to share such moments with their loved ones, who want to discover, explore and experience.

The slogan "spaces" is the essence of the multidimensionality of our activities - for us, Forum has become not a way of life, but a way of living. We want our guests to feel as good here as we do, to drop by at any time of the day, to experience moments of joy or relaxation with us.

We have always been creating Forum together.

One of the greatest advantages of forum:lato is its unique location - on the river bank, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a building recognizable throughout Poland.

Forum Hotel, no longer in operation, was built at the end of the 1980s to a design by Janusz Ingarden. The building was among the most modern buildings of its time. As a hotel, it boasted a four-star standard, and its unique space was a center for relaxation and entertainment.

On November 9, 2002, the building was officially closed, and for many years it served only as an advertising medium.

In 2013, we decided to breathe life back into the abandoned building, which thanks to our guests has once again become a meeting point and regained its former energy.

Drop by and discover the charms of Forum!



We invited two artists to cooperate on our Forum Lato (Forum Summer) project: Łukasz Habiera / Nawer and Oskar Podolski / OESU.

Nawer - a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow University of Technology, associated with street art since the mid-90s.
OESU. - a man of many talents, fans of polysyllabic words would say: a multidisciplinary artist. He designs, paints and loves letters.

The result of the collision of these two different personalities in terms of art, design and life, is the interior and art of our F:Lato space. The project included not only artistic elements, but also interior design and functional elements - from flooring, light, furnishings, space layout to plants, finishing and art. Over the course of the project, Nawer and OESU. learned from each other, exchanged incredible energy and ping-ponged tons of ideas, which resulted in them treating the space as their own and creating a friendship which will last for years. The big challenge was to create an interior that would look great with plenty of natural daylight, but also at night when the space is built by interior light. The entire project is topped off with art that perfectly captures the dynamics and nature of OESU. and Nawer’s collaboration.